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Depending upon the client’s needs, we can act as an appraiser, consultant, and/or broker. Appraisals can be obtained for a variety of reasons:

• IRS tax purposes (charitable donation)

• Equitable Distribution

• IRS tax purposes (taxable estates)

• Divorce

• Insurance Coverage

• Damage Claims

• State Probate

• Bankruptcy

• Any other purpose requiring a written appraisal



When acting as an appraiser, we generally prepare a written appraisal report.

A written appraisal is made by initially conducting an on-site inspection where the appraiser records the condition, dimensions and a brief description of the property, and takes digital photographs of each item. Back in the office, the descriptions are finalized, necessary research is conducted and the appropriate values are assigned to the appraised items.


We generally prepare three typewritten copies of the written appraisal report, which conforms to The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Two copies are created for the client, and one is kept in the secure files of Scottsdale Appraisal Specialists (SAS). Files at SAS are retained for a period of five years or two years after the final disposition of litigation (if applicable), whichever is later, as required by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


Appraisal overview:

• Conduct an on-site inspection

• Take digital photographs of the property

• Detailed description of property

• All necessary research is conducted

• Appropriate values and/or costs are assigned

• Written appraisal generated to USPAP standards



If you do not require a written appraisal, it may be more desirable to retain us as a consultant. We can provide an informal valuation range based on past experience and research. This information is NOT provided in written format.

If we feel an item requires additional research or consultation with an expert, we take digital photographs and call you with the item's value in a week or so. Generally, there is either no fee or a minimal fee for this additional research. We can examine many more items as a consultant because it is not necessary to measure and make written notes on each item, as we would with a formal appraisal.


Verbal appraisals can be helpful when a client is trying to:

• Gather information about items (e.g., what was this item used for?;

is Grandma’s old vase worth $5 or $5000?)

• Sort through a non-taxable estate

• Determine whether they would like to sell or keep an item

• Obtain information about the best market for selling an item

• Decide whether to buy an item or get an existing item restored



As a consultant, appraiser or broker, we can also provide guidance on the best avenue to dispose of the personal property in order to maximize income. Many times there are specialized markets for an item, and we have experience in dealing in all market levels.

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