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Preparing for an on-site inspection saves time and money.


How to Prepare for the On-Site Inspection:

•  Decide which items you want to have appraised

•  If there are items in the attic, closets, or garage, please make sure they

are accessible

•  Unpack items in drawers, boxes, trunks

•  Group similar items together

•  Arrange china and glass by patterns

•  Sort sterling from silverplate if you can

•  Gather receipts, sales slips, certificates of authenticity, photographs,

or earlier appraisals and place them with the appropriate items

•  Move large pieces of furniture away from the wall if possible

•  If there is art work hanging on the wall, please remove it if possible

•  If this is an estate appraisal with a will, make sure that all items

specifically bequeathed are available for inspection


What to look for in a competent appraisal report:

•  A cover document explaining in detail what type of value is being sought

("purpose") and how the appraisal is to be used ("function" or "assigned use")

•  The description of the methodology and resources relied upon

•  A definition and description of the market(s) selected

•  A complete and accurate description of the property written in such a

manner that it can be identified without photographs

•  The date(s) and location(s) of inspection and the effective date of value

•  A statement by the appraiser that he or she has no financial interest in

the property, or if he or she does have an interest, a statement disclosing

that interest

•  The appraiser's qualifications and signature


Do not accept an appraisal if:

•  It is handwritten or unsigned

•  The fee is based on a contingency or on the value of the property

•  The appropriate "purpose" and "assigned use" are not stated

•  The appraiser lacks training in appraisal methodology

•  The appraiser is not willing and able to defend it in court (subject to the

appraiser's availability, and separate fee arrangement)

•  The appraiser prepares the appraisal report in anticipation of buying items

from you after the report is completed


How We Work:

When acting as an appraiser, we generally prepare a written appraisal report. A written appraisal is made by initially conducting an on-site inspection where the appraiser records the condition, dimensions and a brief description of the property, and takes digital photographs of each item. Back in the office, the descriptions are finalized, necessary research is conducted and the appropriate values are assigned to the appraised items.


We generally prepare three typewritten copies of the written appraisal report, which conforms to The Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Two copies are created for the client, and one is kept in the secure files of Scottsdale Appraisal Specialists (SAS). Files at SAS are retained for a period of five years or two years after the final disposition of litigation (if applicable), whichever is later, as required by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


There is an hourly rate for services, with a $300 minimum fee. For every hour spent on site, we generally spend an additional three to four for off-site time depending upon the amount of research necessary. Off-site time is spent inputting the collected data and pictures into a professional appraisal program, researching each item using our extensive reference library and subscription-based electronic databases, and preparing the written report, which includes a detailed cover document, USPAP compliance, and itemization of appraised items. A $300 deposit is due upon completion of inspection. The remaining fees are due before we submit the final written appraisal.


We have developed a network of qualified experts to assist us as needed. If an expert is necessary, we will discuss this either before we accept the assignment or during the on-site inspection. Any additional fees charged by the consulting expert appraisers must be approved by you before their services are retained.


All of our written appraisals conform to USPAP standards and to the standards and requirements set forth in the International Society of Appraisers’ (ISA) Code of Ethics and Appraisal Report Writing Standard.

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